Packaging for CBD & Cannabis

Plastic Jars

Made from 100% food grade polypropylene (PP) plastic to prevent irritation and adverse reactions. These containers are strong, durable, reusable and extremely easy to clean.

Applications: Resins and seeds storage and dispenser.

Glass jars

Made of high quality glass with full transparency. These are premium design containers for discerning customers that can be personalized with custom stickers or silkscreen printing techniques.

Applications: storage and flower dispenser. They are also a convenient option for packaging any CBD-derived product (creams).

Silicone jars

Produced with 100% food grade silicone.

Applications: Storage and dispenser for oils, resins, extractions and seeds. Additionally, they are a very handy option for the packaging of any CBD-derived product (creams).

100% food grade silicone.

Ziplock bags

Made from 100% food grade plastic, they are offered in various sizes to suit each customer’s needs.

Applications: Storage and dispenser. They offer a practical and economical option for the packaging of any CBD-derived product (Flowers, candies, etc…).

Resealable bags

Its double heat and ziplock sealing system offers excellent protection from odours and degradation.

Applications: preservation of CBD products and long-term storage. Ideal for edible derivatives such as candies, biscuits, etc…

Vacuum bags

Made of 100% food grade plastic and fully opaque.

Applications: conservation, long term storage, discreet transport.



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