420 Packaging Solutions

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What we offer

Quality and commitment

We use the best materials to certify that all our products are food grade.


All our designs are unique and innovative.

Competitive pricing

As manufacturers, we are committed to offering the most competitive prices on the market.

We make your ideas come true

We guide you so that all your projects materialize.
Our team of designers and manufacturing experts will help you to create the products you need. We have years of experience in the packaging industry, which allows us to offer the most appropriate options for each business sector.


We provide our customers with an exclusive product customization service and we offer the possibility to design or promote your own brand.
We have different techniques suited to the needs of each project.
The possibilities are endless.




We work with different kinds of plastic according to the needs of each product. All our plastics are food-grade and comply with CE and FDA regulations.



We only use high quality, food-grade silicone. Curing and vulcanization processes are carried out in platinum upon request.



We manufacture products with high quality glass, completely transparent and 100% antiseptic – One of the best storage solutions for the majority of substances.

food grade


How can I place an order?
To place an order, you just have to send an email to pedidos@thcontainers.es including the product reference number and the desired quantity. A salesperson will contact you to provide you with all the detailed information and resolve any questions that may arise.
How long does it take for an order to arrive?
National orders are delivered within 24-48 hours once the payment has been made.
The delivery time for international orders varies depending on the destination country. The estimated average time is 5 business days.
Do you ship outside of Spain?
Yes, we ship globally. No matter where your company is located, we can send orders by land, sea or air to reach any place.
How is our custom packaging manufactured?
We produce personalized packaging directly in our factories. That implies that we offer total customization: from measurements to prints on products. The possibilities are endless.
Why is it important for a company to take care of packaging?
Packaging is the first impression a customer will have of our products. Good packaging enhances a positive customer experience towards our products, providing added value to our brand.
What are the benefits of having a packaging service?
The packaging service we offer consists of specialized advice for any sector. To do this, we study each client’s product in detail to offer the most appropriate packaging solutions for their needs. In addition, we guide you through the customization options to offer an original and distinctive packaging that makes your product stand out.
What are the advantages of personalized packaging for companies?
Custom packaging has numerous advantages for the end customer. In the first place, it is a differentiating component that will make your product stand out against the competition in the sector, with a distinctive highlight on your product and increased sales. In this sense, the customization that we offer for your packaging is a way to retain your customers and give your product originality.
For which sectors and companies does THContainers manufacture packaging?
At THContainers we work with different sectors, including cosmetics, CBD, jewelry, crafts (DIY). We only work with professionals in the sector.
What kind of packaging products and solutions do we manufacture at THContainers?
We have different containers made of different materials to adapt to the needs of each sector. These containers can be used for various functions: hand out samples, pack or store. At THContainers we’ll always have a solution for your needs.